Keeping Your Baby Warm In Winter

Going through the journey of motherhood and raising a baby already comes with its fair share of challenges. However, looking after your little one during the winter can make things even more stressful, especially if it’s your first time being a mama! Not only do you have to make sure you’re keeping your little lovebug warm and dry, but you also want to do your very best to protect them against getting sick from viruses and other nasties.

Why is it important to keep my baby warm in winter?

As much as we want to keep our babies snug and cosy to make sure they’re happy and comfortable, it’s also important to keep them warm to help ward off potential illnesses. This is because they are less able to cope with the cold and don’t have much body fat to warm themselves back up. If their tiny bodies are using all their energy to raise their own temperature, it can’t use that energy to fight off any nasty illnesses!

How can I prevent my baby from getting sick during winter?

It’s important to try and help prevent our little ones getting sick, as small babies do not have fully developed immune systems. This, combined with underdeveloped nasal passages and lungs, means any symptoms of the illnesses they do contract will affect them much more than they do with adults. Although you can’t prevent the chances of your baby falling ill 100%, there are things that you can do to help minimise the chances of your little one coming down with a nasty bug!

To keep your baby warm to help ward off illnesses, dress your child in layers. These should be easy to remove so you can adjust if your baby gets too warm – zips are great for this as they allow for super easy and quick dressing. You can choose breathable fabrics like cotton, or merino which naturally regulates temperature. As a general rule of thumb, dress your little one in one layer more than what you are wearing.

You might start with a zip-up bodysuit, then add leggings and pants, then a long sleeve shirt, a zip-up jacket, then a hat, mittens, booties and so on as needed!

How can I tell if my baby is too hot or too cold?

If your baby is fussy or irritable, it could be a sign that they aren’t comfortable at their current temperature. To check this, try feeling the temperature of their skin on their nose and the back of their neck. If their nose is cold, it might be an indicator that the temperature of the room is too cold for them. If the back of their neck is warm, it means that their body temperature is adequate. If their hairline is sweaty, it most likely means they’re too warm, and you might want to remove one of the layers they have on.

What should I do if my baby gets sick?

As a mum, you’re already busy with sooo many things to do every day. Dealing with a fussy, grumpy and sick baby can really make things much more stressful! While it breaks our hearts to see our little ones in discomfort, there are at least some things we can do to help alleviate this.

First and foremost, if you have any doubts or concerns about the health of your baby at all, you should always go see your doctor. They will be able to diagnose their symptoms properly and prescribe medication, if needed, to help your little one recover.

If your baby has come down with the common cold and is snotty and congested, you’re going to have to help them clear their nasal passages. Babies don’t know how to blow their noses, so they’re going to require a bit of assistance from you (even if it is a bit yucky to deal with!). You can look in your pharmacy for products specially designed for infants to help ease congestion, like nasal aspirators, or place a cold-mist humidifier in your baby’s nursery to add moisture to the air and help loosen mucus.

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How can I help my baby’s dry skin?

Dry skin is especially common during winter, for both babies and adults alike! This is because not only does the cold air outside not carry as much moisture as warm air, but also because the indoor heat can further dry out skin. To help your baby avoid dry skin, it’s best to keep your indoor temperature to a level that’s as cool as you can tolerate during the day – around 20 to 22°C.

Surprisingly, bathing your little one too often can dry out their skin as well! For this reason, it’s best to use comfortably warm water, not hot, to wash your baby, and to limit their time in the tub to no more than 10 minutes. After drying them off, you can apply a moisturiser immediately on their skin as it is best absorbed by clean, damp skin.

If you have any surplus of stored breast milk, you could try giving your baby a breast milk bath! Breast milk contains so many amazing components and healing properties that can significantly benefit your baby’s skin. It’s an excellent moisturiser and a perfect all-natural remedy!

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At the end of the day, some babies might like to be warmer than others, and some babies might not mind the cold so much. Each baby is unique, and you are their mama, so you know them best. Do what seems right according to your child! And be sure to enjoy the winter with plenty of quality time and snuggles with your bub throughout the season, to help keep them warm.