Why You Should Haakaa

Any breastfeeding mama knows just how valuable breast milk is – there’s a reason it’s called liquid gold! Your body is amazing and puts so much effort into producing food for your bub, and so that’s why for many mums it’s super important not to let a single drop go to waste.

This is where the Haakaa breast pump comes in – it’s a world-first innovation that’s designed to let mothers express and collect more breast milk than they would otherwise usually let down. Created by a mum right here in New Zealand, the Haakaa is loved by parents across the world, and is even recommended by professionals! Because it’s so simple to use and so effective, it has made a significant impact on many mothers’ breastfeeding journeys. Today we’ll be sharing some of the many reasons why you should pump with a Haakaa (if you aren’t doing so already) and how it can help you through the early stages of motherhood!

How does the Haakaa work?

The original Haakaa is based off a one-piece silicone design. This creates continuous suction once attached to the breast, drawing out your breast milk (hands-free, might we add!) and collecting every drop of your let-down.

The Haakaa breast pump helps you collect both foremilk and rich hindmilk. Because it’s only a piece of silicone, there’s no electricity nor any cords required, making it so easy to integrate into your daily routine! It’s silent, lightweight and portable so you can express breast milk anytime and anywhere that’s convenient for you – whether that’s at work, sitting in the car or even on a day trip!

There’s no set time frame for when you can use a Haakaa, really – you can use it as soon as you feel comfortable after birth. However, if you are experiencing any difficulties or have any concerns regarding the expression of breast milk, it is recommended that you see a lactation consultant or other health professional.

To help you choose which Haakaa pump to use, check out our blog which features a handy comparison table!

Now without further ado…

Why should I Haakaa?

  1. Relieve engorged and uncomfortable breasts.

As a breastfeeding mama, you may find that there are times when your breasts become fuller and firmer because of your body producing more milk than it can hold. It can be painful, and can happen in one or both breasts – some mothers describe it as feeling like a balloon about to burst!

You can help relieve this engorgement by letting your baby feed… but sometimes there are moments where bub just isn’t hungry, or you don’t want to wake them up from their slumber because you can finally get some peace and quiet. 😉

The Haakaa silicone breast pump is the perfect solution for these tricky situations. It can help you draw out all the extra milk so you can safely store it away for another time, allowing you to build up that stash of liquid gold! Relieving discomfort AND making sure none of that breast milk goes to waste? #winwin

By relieving those engorged breasts, you also help reduce the chances of clogged milk ducts and getting mastitis. Any breastfeeding mother who has had this infection knows how nasty it can be – you’ll run a fever and have flu-like symptoms, your breasts become tender, and feeding can be painful, making you not want to do it at all! If you do happen to get mastitis, it is important you seek treatment from your GP.

  1. Build a breast milk stash.

Having a stash of expressed breast milk in the freezer, ready-to-thaw, can be so convenient for many parents. It’s perfect if your baby needs to be fed while you’re away from them – for example, if you’re at work, or on a date night with a partner. It also allows someone else to help and take over when bub is wailing to be fed in the middle of the night, letting you get some thoroughly well-deserved rest after a long day!

Breast pads can be useful in helping you stay dry and comfortable, especially if you have some extra leakage from the other breast while bub is feeding… but at the end of the day, all that let-down ends up going to waste. By using the Haakaa to help collect every drop of your liquid gold while you’re feeding, you prevent that wastage from happening! Simply pour into a safe storage container afterwards, and over time, you’ll start to see just what an impact saving that extra breast milk has.

TOP TIP: Our Silicone Breast Milk Storage Bags are perfect for keeping your liquid gold stash safe and secure. It’s free from the nasties commonly found in plastic, and it’s completely reusable, so it’s way better for the environment than those single-use milk storage bags!

  1. Allows you to follow a schedule when you’re away.

Any breastfeeding mama knows that for your body to keep up with its production of milk to meet the demands of your bub, you have to set and follow a regular breastfeeding schedule. But there may be times where you’ll be away from your baby when a feeding is due – leaving you with full, engorged breasts. So what can you do then, in those awkward scenarios?

This is where the Haakaa breast pump comes to the rescue! It can help draw out your breast milk while you’re apart from your baby, relieving your engorgement and helping you avoid those embarrassing stains and leaks. Because it’s cordless and lightweight, it’s super portable, making it perfect for taking with you on-the-go when you know you’re going to need it!