Date Night Ideas With A Baby

The first few weeks after bringing your newborn home can be super hectic. Your whole world begins to revolve around your new baby, and you become so immersed in feeding them, changing them and soothing them that you barely have any time left for yourself!

When you’re raising a child together with your partner, it becomes more important than ever to maintain that connection while you support each other through the beautiful, shared journey of parenthood. Even though your life has been completely turned upside down with baby in the picture, do try and make time for each other as often as possible. It can make you a stronger team as you work together to raise this new little person in your lives!

Below is our guide to date nights when you have a baby that’ll help spice up your relationship and keep that fire going.

How can I have date night with a baby?

Although it might seem tricky, there are a few different ways and strategies that you can try to make time for date night with bub in your life as well!

-       Pump milk or prep formula.

 One common way to make time for date night is to ask for a little assistance from close friends or family. With some careful planning and by preparing bub’s milk beforehand, you can let someone else look after your little one while you and your partner step out for a bit for some much-needed alone time.

-       Bring your baby with you.

 If you can’t find someone to look after your baby for date night, you can also bring your little one with you! The best time to take bub out with you is after they’ve just been fully fed and their diaper freshly changed. This will leave you with at least 30-60 minutes of a happy, peaceful baby, in which you can focus on quality conversation with your partner during this time.

-       Plan a date night at home.

 There are plenty of fun and exciting date ideas that you can have with your partner at home too! Plus it comes with the convenience of having everything you need to for bub right there when you need it.

What are some date ideas outside with a baby?

  1. A short outdoor hike with bub in tow can be a fantastic idea for you and your partner, especially as doctors recommend walking for postpartum recovery. Enjoy the fresh air and scenery as you explore nature with your family – something that would have been much more difficult just a few months earlier when you also had a bump to carry! Be sure not to overexert yourself and pick an easier route in case you suddenly need to hurry home with your baby.
  2. If you want to go out for a special treat with your partner, get dessert together. It’s faster and much more lowkey than a full course dinner, giving you plenty of time afterwards to care for bub while still allowing you to enjoy that little bit of indulgence! Plus, sharing a dessert with your loved one is always romantic.
  3. A lazy brunch at a café with your partner and your little one is one of our favourite ways to enjoy a date. After a nap and a feed, you can head out for some lovely food and your favourite barista-made coffee while your little one is happy, satisfied and fuss-free.

What are some date night ideas at home?

  1. Having an indoor picnic and movie night at home is always an excellent idea, and it makes for an exceptionally easy home date for new, tired parents! Grab your favourite dinner from your local restaurant to takeaway and pop by the shops for some nibbles and maybe a special bottle of vino. Then you can settle down in front of the TV and stream a marathon of your favourite movies, or even finally get around to that to-watch list of movies you haven’t seen yet!
  2. A home spa day can also be a golden date opportunity for you and your partner to finally relax together. Looking after bub can be exhausting (even though it’s worth it!), so what better way to spend some quality time with your partner than taking a moment to enjoy the peace and quiet? Put on some calming, ambient music, give each other a massage, and try some DIY spa recipes to refresh your skin as well as your mind.
  3. No time to go out to a bar? Instead, you can make some fancy drinks right at home and sit outside while enjoying the beautiful weather. Not only is less crowded and quieter than a typical night out, but it also allows you to conveniently care for your baby! (Plus it’s so much cheaper!)

We understand how difficult it can be to make time for dates with a new baby in your life, but at the end of the day, it’s so worth it. Communicating with your partner is one of the best things you can do as the both of you navigate through the journey of parenthood together. It’s so easy to get distracted as your little one starts to become your number one priority, but take the time to appreciate and remember what you and your partner love about each other!