Keeping The Kids Cool In Summer

Summer often conjures up thoughts of stunning weather, long days and a wonderful time overall. Unfortunately, this vision can be quickly interrupted by the sound of your baby’s crying, because they’re too warm! Babies can quickly become overheated and get heat rash, as they’re still very much dependent on you as their mama. Thus, it’s your responsibility to help them cool off in the summer heat. Here are some ways, compiled by us at Haakaa, to help you relieve your child’s discomfort in the hot temperatures that come with those beautiful, sunny days!

How do I keep my baby’s nursery cool in summer?

During the summer, your baby’s nursery will turn into their haven away from the hot and scorching sun. To make sure their room stays cool, close all the blinds and curtains to block the harsh sun from coming in. You can keep the windows open to create a breeze, or use a fan to circulate air around the room if it gets too warm (just make sure it’s not pointed directly at the baby!). If you want to, you can even hang a wet towel or sheet in front of the fan or open window to keep the room even cooler!

Try to remove as many blankets, soft toys, etc. from your baby’s crib when they’re sleeping because they block airflow, making it harder for your baby to cool down. You may want to use a nursery thermometer to help you consistently monitor and keep track of the room’s temperature, in case it gets too warm!

How should I dress my baby in summer?

It’s important that you dress your baby appropriately for the weather, as babies cannot self-regulate their body heat. You don’t always have to layer your bub up to protect them – sometimes, a light onesie can be perfectly fine if it’s too warm for anything else. Loose-fitting, lightweight garments made of materials such as cotton are ideal during the summer, as they can cover enough to protect their sensitive skin from the sun while still allowing it to breathe. If it’s sweltering, even just a nappy will be fine, as long as they stay inside.

If you are taking your little one outside, long pants and long sleeves are best so that their delicate skin doesn’t get sunburnt. Don’t forget the hat as well! Be sure to check out our blog article on sun safety here for more details.

How can I keep my baby hydrated during the summer?

Hydration is particularly important for your baby during the hot summer days! While babies under six months can’t drink water, you can still feed them extra milk to help them keep up their fluids. For the older bubs, you can give them our Silicone Baby Drinking Cup to encourage them to drink by themselves! It’s made of 100% food grade silicone, so unlike with plastic, there’s no chance of any contaminants or nasties leaching into the water your little one drinks. They get to practice independence, AND they’re staying hydrated – a win-win!

How do I cool my baby down during the summer?

One clever way to cool your baby down during the summer is to give them an icy treat! If your baby has started solids, you can come up with endless combinations for home-made ice blocks with whole food ingredients. These are an excellent and healthy way to help your child cool down – not to mention absolutely delicious too! Try our Silicone Ice Pop Moulds, which you can use to make waste-free icy treats for your bub. These can also be used to freeze breast milk, for little ones to suck on – just make sure you’re supervising them and watching for any large pieces that might break off. When you’re not using them to freeze treats, you can use them as an easy-to-carry container for snacks on-the-go!

Our Baby Food and Breast Milk Freezer Tray is also another fantastic solution when you want to make frozen goodies for your child to help them cool off. No need to use plastic freezer trays and cling film anymore. The 100% food-grade silicone trays are super easy to use – just twist the tray to pop out the frozen cubes inside. They can be used not only to make frozen treats, but they’re also handy for freezing and storing breast milk and pureed baby food in perfect, meal-sized blocks. These trays come in three different sizes for varying needs and are completely heatproof, microwave safe and dishwasher safe.

We hope that our ideas can offer some solutions for you to help your little bub stay cool and comfortable this summer. If you have any more questions or concerns about your baby in the heat, we recommend you consult with a medical professional. Enjoy the beautiful weather, mamas!