DIY Baby Photoshoot Ideas

When you’re a new parent, it becomes incredibly important to try and capture every one of those early moments with our bubs. Some parents love to organise beautiful, extravagant photoshoots with professional photographers – but if you aren’t into that kind of thing, you can achieve fantastic photos by yourself too. Here are some handy tips and tricks for taking stunning pictures of your gorgeous newborn right from the comfort of your own home, to help you treasure those early memories forever!

When should I do a baby photoshoot?

The best time to do a photoshoot with your newborn is when they’re between 5 to 10 days old, as this is the age where they can sleep deeply and soundly for longer stretches of time. You’ll be able to pose and photograph them much more easily, and their expressions will also be a lot more relaxed.

Once your little one hits the two-week milestone, they’ll become much more alert and potentially fussier too! This makes taking carefully arranged photos more of a struggle, but their development also means their personality can shine through a lot more. For this reason, you can also plan a photoshoot for when bub is a few months old – at this stage, they’ll be able to maintain eye contact with the camera, allowing you to take some truly special photographs!

What kind of lighting should I use for my baby photoshoot?

Natural light always looks the best in photos, so consider where and when you get the most natural light in your home. North facing windows are great because they let plenty of natural light without the rays being too direct, otherwise creating harsh glares or shadows. If the sunlight still seems too bright, you can hang a thin cloth over the window to try and diffuse the light.

What kind of setting should I use for my baby photoshoot?

Set the scene by placing your baby on a soft surface like a blanket or a rug – this will be your background. Coordinating neutral colours can let your baby’s natural beauty shine – but also have fun with it! If you use something like a couch or bed, make sure you always have someone next to your baby to keep them safe.

Using other props in your baby’s photoshoot can also help elevate your pictures – even if they’re just things you can find around the house. A well-padded basket to keep your baby safe and comfortable can be a great idea for those looking to take some rustic photos of their little ones.

How should I pose my baby for their photoshoot?

There are a million different ways in which you can pose your baby – but if you’re doing your own little photoshoot at home, it’s always easiest to keep it simple. While the frog pose, tushy up pose and taco pose look ADORABLE, it can take a long time to get it right. Even professional photographers have spent hundreds of hours simply perfecting the skill of newborn posing!

If you’re DIYing your own baby photoshoot, try posing your little one in simple, natural poses – such as lying on their side or their tummies, with their legs tucked in. You can still take amazing photos, and it’ll be much more comfortable for your little one too. Take your time with it, especially if you want your baby to be asleep for the photos.

REMEMBER: If you’re taking a photo of your baby from above, put on the neck strap or wrist strap to make sure the camera does not slip. Popular photoshoot poses for newborns (such as sleeping on their tummies, bundled in blankets, etc.) are not actually safe for your little one to sleep in. These positions are simply for taking photos, and infants should ALWAYS be supervised. Never leave them unattended.

As you’re doing your photoshoot, you may have a nagging feeling at the back of your mind about trying to get that “right”, “essential” or “perfect” shot. Don’t worry mama – just take as many pictures as you can. Focus your thoughts on which details you’ll want to capture and save for later. Your newborn’s tiny feet or hands? Their sweet angelic face? Their chubby little cheeks? You may regret not taking enough photos, but you’ll never regret taking too many of them!